One Awesome Thing to Do Before Summer Hits

Life Things

I’m so happy right now! Why? you may ask, Did you win the lottery? Did you find a cure for cancer? Did you just eat two dozen toasty Krispy Kreme donuts without feeling like barf? No, sadly none of those things, but I did just clean my house!

Wow that’s lame, you may be thinking. Yes, it is, but I am one of those crazy people who – when life-things get stressful or uncertain – cleans. I’m not kidding. I clean everything. Like a tornado armed with a broom and disinfectant spray.


This dog is on my level (ps someone please find me these for bailey)

With the end of the semester and dorm-eviction day rapidly approaching, job applications waiting approval, and the new summer session about to begin, today has become the day of cleaning.What began as making space for the things that had been living in my dorm the past two semesters, soon escalated into a huge closet/drawer overhaul (much like with my closet audit last semester) and spread to include my bathroom and its giant mirrored cabinet.


Watching X Files Late at Night is Such a Bad Idea

Life Things

I recently discovered all 9 seasons of X Files are available on Netflix.


I tried finding a picture of Mulder and Sculley looking excited, but instead I found the inspiration for Zoolander