Week 13 Activity: More With Algorithmic Art

Art 110

This week I got the chance to try other classmate’s algorithmic art projects. I surprisingly found two people who’d shown how to distress denim, and decided to try it for myself.

Taking instructions from Daniela Hernandez and Marisol Christy, I bought a baggy pair of denim shorts from the thrift store and turned them into a more trendy, distressed pair.

The whole process was (although time consuming) surprisingly fun and easy. I’ve made my own cut offs out of thrift store jeans before, but have never tried distressing them myself. I passed on the sanding/cheesegrating, but in the future I might try it out for that “perfectly distressed” look. And while some pride themselves on their expensive, destroyed designer denim, I’m more than happy saving money opting for thrift store jeans and creating the look myself.

There were almost countless other awesome projects, but I sadly didn’t have the time to try them this week. From learning to surf to making beautiful photo effects, algorithmic art seems to stretch through nearly every subject. These were a few I thought were really cool, give them a shot if you’d like to make algorithmic art for yourself!

  • Time lapse art by Gibson Reedy: this seemed really cool because not only do you get to see how things change throughout the day, you have a chance to really look at the space around you and pay attention to things you might otherwise ignore
  • Bokeh by Kelsey Nicole: I’ve always loved bokeh, but been too scared of messing with my DSLR (and tutorials are always so overly complicated) I’ve never actually tried it. With Kelsey’s easy to follow instructions, it seems so much more possible and I’m looking forward to trying it
  • DNA lamp by Katie Leyba: If you’ve seen my classmate interview from last week, you’ve already dealt with my excitement for this crazy awesome lamp. And while I’m a bit intimidated by the amount of tech and sauntering, I might find myself a few weeks from now recruiting my dad (and probably freaking out with happiness) to make this incredible, unique lamp
  •  Scratch board by Khoi Nguyen: While I’ve heard of (and probably used when I was little) scratch boards before, I’ve never seen anyone create so much detail as Khoi did in his example. (And I kind of freaked/nerded out when I realized he made TBag from Prison Break his scratchboard subject)

And finally:

  • The art of surfing by Matt Bdo: I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, but been too scared because of my incredible lack of balance/knowledge. I’m excited to try it out over the summer, and even though I can almost guarantee I’ll fall quite a bit, at least I’ll have some idea of what I should be (attempting) to do thanks to this short how-to

Like I said before, there were many other amazing projects, but these were a few I hope to try in the future. It still amazes me so much of our lives consists of these “how to’s” and tutorials, yet algorithmic art is still (at least to me) a fairly new idea. We tend to think of rules as annoying or something to be broken – especially in art – but with such amazing things being made possible through algorithmic art, it seems those rules have found a place to stay unbroken.


Week 13 Classmate Interview : Summer Morgan

Art 110

IMG_4266This week I had the pleasure of talking to Summer Morgan, another first year who I’d actually met last semester in math class.
She said she was from Orchid, a small town about 45 minutes north of Long Beach. Surprisingly, she said she sort of hated being in a bigger city, mostly because she didn’t have a car and felt stuck on campus. She said she sometimes takes the bus and used to take the train every weekend to go home, but she’s been staying on campus more lately and just going places nearby with friends.

We talked a bit about our majors for a bit and I found out she was studying Psychology. She said she’d always wanted to be a forensic scientist after watching shows like Law and Order (and we shared quite a bit of crime show binge-watching stories). She said she’d decided against pursuing a career in forensic science because it required starting out as a police officer, which she didn’t want to do. Instead, she’s decided to pursue counselling because she thought it would be a great way to help people and interventions seemed really interesting to her. We also agreed Psychology was a great major choice because it helped with figuring out how people think and applied to so many things.

Overall I had a great time talking to Summer; she was incredibly nice and seemed like the kind of person who could make friends with practically anyone. We even shared some of our favorite shopping places and she was awesome enough to let me know about some great thrift places near school.  Hopefully I’ll see her around the galleries – maybe we’ll even have some more classes together – but even if not, I wish her all the best. And with such a great personality and people skills, there’s no doubt she’ll get far in any job she pursues.

If you would like to talk to Summer or learn more about her, visit her blog at https://summerknightmorgan.wordpress.com

Week 12 Activity : Algorithmic Art

Art 110, Fashion Projects

This week, I wanted to focus on something at least moderately related to my major : sewing. While I may not be a design student, nor a master seamstress, I do own and occasionally use a sewing machine. Many patterns I’ve purchased or otherwise seen seem to be for very outdated, boring (and usually frumpy) garments, so when I came across q2han’s youtube channel with its many contemporary sewing tutorials, I was very excited. I’d been putting off attempting them, but figured I’d give one a try for this week.

Week 12 Artist Interview : Ashley Sharpe

Art 110

This week, pop culture made its way into the Merlino gallery – in the form of cats. But beyond the cultural reference, the cat prints had a much deeper meaning for their creator, Ashley Sharpe.

 IMG_4027 IMG_4035 IMG_4030

The bright colors, crazy prints, glitter cans, toy mice, and hanging string truly brought the room (and the cats inside it) to life

Week 11 Artist Interview : Gerardo Pena and Kyle Kruse

Art 110

When people think of art, they probably think of museum exhibits and stark white walls lined with oil paintings. But, as times have changed, not only has the content of the art changed, but also its mediums, styles, and presentation. This week, Gerardo Pena and Kyle Kruse’s instillation was one such work which seemed to break through the boundaries of the traditional gallery setting.


Week 10 Activity : Student Choice / Natural Dyeing

Art 110, Fashion Projects

If you’ve seen my yarn-bombing post, you may know I love tie dyeing. But it’s always seemed strange to me that a process rooted in the eco-loving hippie movement involves such harsh, eco-damaging dyes. Yes, the chemicals produce wonderful, bold colors, but the environmental toll (small as it may be from one person) adds up and seems a bit unnecessary. I’ve heard of less harmful processes in the apparel industry such as air-dyeing, but since they require advanced, expensive machinery, they are quite obviously a bit out of my “struggling college student” price range. So, I was excited when I came across an article (from Free People, no less) about natural dyeing you can try at home.


Free People’s flower-dyeing process even looks gorgeous

Week 10 Artist Interview : Kaclica Chhin and Amanda Ruiz

Art 110

Through the past few months of gallery visits, we’ve seen incredible, boundary-pushing art. But for the most part, the content has been pretty modest and “proper”. So when the Merlino gallery’s door cautioned viewers about explicit content within, it was surprisingly intriguing.

 IMG_3267 IMG_3268

Inside, the walls were swarming with colorful small drawings delicately pinned with thumb tacks while a large, floor to ceiling sculpture dominated the middle of the room. These things may seem typical of a gallery, but the content was, as the door explained, “explicit”. The work contained layers and layers of what the artists described as an exploration of the human body, sex, and sexuality. 

Week 10 Classmate Interview : Valerie Arredondo

Art 110

IMG_3645Before Spring break, I had the pleasure of meeting Valerie, another first year student at Cal State Long Beach (Professor Glenn even took our picture for us). She said she was an Art major last semester but was transitioning to be a Biology major. We shared the pain of being shot down from a minor by our advisors, joking about the credit limits (considering most of the artists we’d met had been in school for seven or eight years and talked about still not wanting to leave).