One Awesome Thing to Do Before Summer Hits

Life Things

I’m so happy right now! Why? you may ask, Did you win the lottery? Did you find a cure for cancer? Did you just eat two dozen toasty Krispy Kreme donuts without feeling like barf? No, sadly none of those things, but I did just clean my house!

Wow that’s lame, you may be thinking. Yes, it is, but I am one of those crazy people who – when life-things get stressful or uncertain – cleans. I’m not kidding. I clean everything. Like a tornado armed with a broom and disinfectant spray.


This dog is on my level (ps someone please find me these for bailey)

With the end of the semester and dorm-eviction day rapidly approaching, job applications waiting approval, and the new summer session about to begin, today has become the day of cleaning.What began as making space for the things that had been living in my dorm the past two semesters, soon escalated into a huge closet/drawer overhaul (much like with my closet audit last semester) and spread to include my bathroom and its giant mirrored cabinet.

FullSizeRender-9 copy

Not to say it was completely awful before; there was a slight amount of organization, much as there had been in my closet. But after months of things being hurriedly set in random places on its shelves, the cabinet seemed in need of a good touchup.

I first tried shuffling things around to add a bit of order, but soon realized the shelves were in desperate need of real cleaning.



So, I cleared everything off the shelves (my bathroom counter at this point looked very ridiculous) and attacked them with 409 and a paper towel. If you’ve never heard of 409, it is this crazy amazing (and probably horribly toxic) cleaning spray that kills just about every type of dirt, dust, spill, or otherwise gross thing you may encounter when cleaning.



With the 409 I just wanted to get rid of the dust and the many residual product rings, so I gave it a quick once over. A bit of scrubbing got rid of the dirt and grime, but the paper towels left smudges and bits of fluff.

To shine up the glass and mirrors I proceeded with Windex and a small car-washing shammy.


Yes, like one of these.

I’d originally gotten a cheap pack for drying my dog after her baths (which worked fairly well despite their very small size) and figured they’d be great for removing those smudges.


I sprayed (probably way too much) Windex all over the back, sides, and individual panels of the cabinet 

I wiped the Windex down until the mirrored surfaces were nice and shiny. This was somewhat hard in certain places, especially around the hinges and shelves. The glass panels of the shelves were held in place only by little tabs, a bit of gravity, and the blood of the innocent so cleaning them without clanging around and breaking things was a bit difficult. But strategic wiping (aka random circles while holding the shelves down) worked in the end.

 FullSizeRender-12  FullSizeRender-11FullSizeRender-10

Cleanliness is next to managerliness.

And then came the fun part! I organized (at least somewhat) everything into different sections like hair products, face products, vitamins, cold/pain medicines (we apparently have three – I found another one; there’s four now – bottles of ibuprofen), foot stuff (as great as that sounds), and nail polishes. I cleaned each item before putting it back and spent a little time moving everything around to my content.

(I’ll post a picture tomorrow with better lighting; our lightbulbs suck)

If you couldn’t tell from my excitement about cleaning, I’m weird when it comes to organizing. 90% of the time, I’ll try to ignore how cluttered things are but that other 10%, I go nuts. Maybe it’s the artistic side of me, maybe I’m just partially OCD, who knows? Whatever the case, it helps me feel like my life is put together when my things are put away all nice and neat.


How I feel after cleaning (aka no one else cares but I feel like magic)

Even if you’re not a crazy cleaner, I feel like de-cluttering your home is a great idea. When your life is busy and hectic, it’s easy to just throw things wherever at the end of the day before you “decompress” with your 8 hours of Netflix (that’s just me?). But those things piling up everywhere make your home, and your head, just as hectic and crazy as your everyday life (I feel like there was an episode of Ned’s Declassified about this). After all, your home is your sanctuary, the place you go after a long day to kick your feet up and finally unwind. And while it may not be the most fun way to spend your down time, deep cleaning and organizing your home really is a great way to de-clutter your mind and create a space to relax when your life starts getting really crazy.


Even the picture of this room makes me want to nap

So if you have time (just cut your Law and Order binge-watching a few episodes short one day this week and boom, you have time!), pick an area of your house you feel needs some love. Pull everything out, clean all the surfaces, figure out which things you really don’t need and get rid of them, figure out a way of organizing that suits you, and put your things back in their new homes. It can be slightly time/effort consuming, but in my opinion it’s worth it. Having a space free of clutter means you have just that much less to worry about every day. And once you designate a certain place for each thing, every time you use it you can put it back where it belongs rather than under the couch or in piles on your coffee table.

But, don’t feel pressured to reorganize your entire house in one day. It’s your house and your life; you determine when and how much you want to clean. My main suggestion is to pick a room you find yourself wishing you liked more, strange as it may sound. With a little effort, this sad room you currently avoid could even become your new favorite part of the house.

So give cleaning a try; if nothing else it’ll prep your house for some fancy summer pool/pastry parties (can we make that a thing? – sounds great despite the potential stomach cramps) and make even workweek struggles seem slightly less stressful knowing you have your mini-sanctuary waiting for you at home.


That’s the spirit. Now go clean for your pastry (or french fry) pool party! 

Update: we are now remodeling the entire bathroom so stay posted for an update on the finished look!

 FullSizeRender-9  IMG_4929

Destroying the old ugly built-in cabinet has been surprisingly fun


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