Distressed Denim

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The past two weeks have been quite busy. I’ve been almost ridiculously productive with final projects and job applications, sadly leaving this poor blog in a state of neglect. So for the next few days, please bear with me as I randomly post many (most likely somewhat irrelevant) things to catch back up.

To start, my latest project has once more involved denim distressing, though to a slightly higher degree. Our final Intro Textiles assignment was to perform two finishing techniques to denim. Based on a few current trends for summer, I decided to try my hand at creating a pair of distressed white denim shorts.

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Doing this was actually easy, though it took more patience than expected. I’d originally wanted to create white boyfriend jeans, but decided the pair I’d chosen was too baggy and instead cut them into shorts. If I’d cut them originally, it may have saved quite a bit of bleach (and effort), but maybe I’ll be able to use the cutoff white legs for something in the future anyway. Since I’d wanted them to come out truly white, I used quite a lot of bleach diluted with a small amount of water. I left the jeans in this strong mixture for around three hours, which sadly weakened the fabric, causing holes to form along the pockets and belt loops and making them virtually unwearable. So, as stated in the “reflection” page, next time I’d go for a few, much more diluted baths over a period of a few days. The cheese grater was very effective, but because I began with no real direction the areas around the rips are covered with large amounts of pilling. Through the process I found a way to more precisely create ripping which I will attempt to use next time. But even though the end product was not exactly what I’d hoped for, I’m excited to have had a chance to try these techniques. Plus, now I have at least some experience and feel that next time I’ll be able to create the look I desired without the negatives I experienced this time around.

I actually have another pair of jeans I plan to use in attempting this project again. I plan to leave them as jeans this time – though I do plan to take in the legs – and use alternative bleaching methods. I’m not sure how they’ll turn out, but hopefully I’ll be able to create a great pair of white boyfriend jeans to wear throughout the summer.

If you’re interested, check back in a few weeks for an updated denim post to see how it turns out!

In the meantime, I highly recommend trying this yourself! Don’t feel limited by what I’ve done; do some research online to find the kind of look that suits you and how to achieve it. Find a pair of old shorts or jeans you don’t wear and experiment with them until you feel comfortable doing it “for real”. And honestly, just have fun. It can be frustrating enough just trying diy projects, much less making them turn out exactly how you’d hoped; the only way I’ve found to combat this is to just go with the flow and try it out! You never know, you may actually make a truly amazing thing – but having a good time along the way makes the experience great no matter how the final product turns out.

Well, that’s about enough sappy “have fun with it” speech for now; keep posted for that pizza I’d talked about a few weeks ago and a few other recent projects I’ve been working on!


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