Week 13 Classmate Interview : Summer Morgan

Art 110

IMG_4266This week I had the pleasure of talking to Summer Morgan, another first year who I’d actually met last semester in math class.
She said she was from Orchid, a small town about 45 minutes north of Long Beach. Surprisingly, she said she sort of hated being in a bigger city, mostly because she didn’t have a car and felt stuck on campus. She said she sometimes takes the bus and used to take the train every weekend to go home, but she’s been staying on campus more lately and just going places nearby with friends.

We talked a bit about our majors for a bit and I found out she was studying Psychology. She said she’d always wanted to be a forensic scientist after watching shows like Law and Order (and we shared quite a bit of crime show binge-watching stories). She said she’d decided against pursuing a career in forensic science because it required starting out as a police officer, which she didn’t want to do. Instead, she’s decided to pursue counselling because she thought it would be a great way to help people and interventions seemed really interesting to her. We also agreed Psychology was a great major choice because it helped with figuring out how people think and applied to so many things.

Overall I had a great time talking to Summer; she was incredibly nice and seemed like the kind of person who could make friends with practically anyone. We even shared some of our favorite shopping places and she was awesome enough to let me know about some great thrift places near school.  Hopefully I’ll see her around the galleries – maybe we’ll even have some more classes together – but even if not, I wish her all the best. And with such a great personality and people skills, there’s no doubt she’ll get far in any job she pursues.

If you would like to talk to Summer or learn more about her, visit her blog at https://summerknightmorgan.wordpress.com


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