Week 13 Activity: More With Algorithmic Art

Art 110

This week I got the chance to try other classmate’s algorithmic art projects. I surprisingly found two people who’d shown how to distress denim, and decided to try it for myself.

Taking instructions from Daniela Hernandez and Marisol Christy, I bought a baggy pair of denim shorts from the thrift store and turned them into a more trendy, distressed pair.

The whole process was (although time consuming) surprisingly fun and easy. I’ve made my own cut offs out of thrift store jeans before, but have never tried distressing them myself. I passed on the sanding/cheesegrating, but in the future I might try it out for that “perfectly distressed” look. And while some pride themselves on their expensive, destroyed designer denim, I’m more than happy saving money opting for thrift store jeans and creating the look myself.

There were almost countless other awesome projects, but I sadly didn’t have the time to try them this week. From learning to surf to making beautiful photo effects, algorithmic art seems to stretch through nearly every subject. These were a few I thought were really cool, give them a shot if you’d like to make algorithmic art for yourself!

  • Time lapse art by Gibson Reedy: this seemed really cool because not only do you get to see how things change throughout the day, you have a chance to really look at the space around you and pay attention to things you might otherwise ignore
  • Bokeh by Kelsey Nicole: I’ve always loved bokeh, but been too scared of messing with my DSLR (and tutorials are always so overly complicated) I’ve never actually tried it. With Kelsey’s easy to follow instructions, it seems so much more possible and I’m looking forward to trying it
  • DNA lamp by Katie Leyba: If you’ve seen my classmate interview from last week, you’ve already dealt with my excitement for this crazy awesome lamp. And while I’m a bit intimidated by the amount of tech and sauntering, I might find myself a few weeks from now recruiting my dad (and probably freaking out with happiness) to make this incredible, unique lamp
  •  Scratch board by Khoi Nguyen: While I’ve heard of (and probably used when I was little) scratch boards before, I’ve never seen anyone create so much detail as Khoi did in his example. (And I kind of freaked/nerded out when I realized he made TBag from Prison Break his scratchboard subject)

And finally:

  • The art of surfing by Matt Bdo: I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, but been too scared because of my incredible lack of balance/knowledge. I’m excited to try it out over the summer, and even though I can almost guarantee I’ll fall quite a bit, at least I’ll have some idea of what I should be (attempting) to do thanks to this short how-to

Like I said before, there were many other amazing projects, but these were a few I hope to try in the future. It still amazes me so much of our lives consists of these “how to’s” and tutorials, yet algorithmic art is still (at least to me) a fairly new idea. We tend to think of rules as annoying or something to be broken – especially in art – but with such amazing things being made possible through algorithmic art, it seems those rules have found a place to stay unbroken.


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