Week 12 Classmate Interview : Katie Leyba

Art 110

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Leyba, a sophomore currently studying Electrical Engineering.

 IMG_4062 IMG_4054

So many angles of us laughing, thanks to professor Glenn

Despite our very different majors, we shared  similar stories stemming from a childhood love of robotics and creating new things. While most people think Engineering majors might be science- and logic-minded, Katie said she actually loved art and being creative. So, while many of her classes were heavily focused on teaching the basics of engineering, she was glad some had projects that allowed her to stretch her creative muscles. She said she also liked Art 110 because it gave her an exciting chance to combine her knowledge of tech with artistic mediums (she even made an awesome DNA lamp for this week’s algorithmic art activity).


We had a great time with our “photo bombers” – professor Glenn and another student from class

In the near future she hopes to begin interning within her industry, and after completing her degree she may go back for grad school or work toward a PHD. But for now, she’s glad she has plenty of time to choose and is excited to see where her pursuit of an Electrical Engineering degree may take her. And with her great, friendly personality and immense creativity, it seems like the sky’s the limit for Katie.

If you would like to chat with Katie or learn more about her, visit her website at http://katieleyba.com


2 thoughts on “Week 12 Classmate Interview : Katie Leyba

  1. Thanks Christen, that was really nice of you to link my blog to your post. 🙂 It was awesome meeting you and I’m excited to see what your activity for this week will consist of!


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