Week 11 Activity : Sculpture

Art 110

For this week’s activity, we made plaster castings at the beach.

I had the wonderful idea to bring my father with me to help and my dog so she could run around – which turned into my dad chasing my dog and me trying to balance making the project with not dropping my phone in the sand/water. Though it seemed fairly simple and easy, the process was actually pretty involved (especially when holding a video camera – shoveling with one hand isn’t the easiest thing). But, once I stopped worrying about the results and focused on just making a thing and having a good time at the beach, it was really fun. And now, I have a weird plaster lump that looks like a dead sea plant and some great videos of my dog barking at waves (not to mention some oil stuck on my real foot).


It’s hard to tell from other angles, but straight on it at least somewhat looks like the bottom of my foot


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