Week 10 Classmate Interview : Valerie Arredondo

Art 110

IMG_3645Before Spring break, I had the pleasure of meeting Valerie, another first year student at Cal State Long Beach (Professor Glenn even took our picture for us). She said she was an Art major last semester but was transitioning to be a Biology major. We shared the pain of being shot down from a minor by our advisors, joking about the credit limits (considering most of the artists we’d met had been in school for seven or eight years and talked about still not wanting to leave). 

Like me, Valerie said her interest in art was already budding in high school. She was in AP Art for a few semesters, and even showed me one of the few pictures she had of her awesome paintings on her phone. Despite her love of art, her love of Biology seemed to be more strongly pulling her. She said she’d always wanted to be a vet, but through looking into becoming one found the required amount of advanced science and math classes were a bit overwhelming. We agreed many majors seem to have nearly unrelated and unnecessarily difficult classes, which, yes, help create “well-rounded” graduates, but also can be a bit too much stress for students through the process. She said now she is a Pre Biology major, and described the prefix as the school’s way of ensuring students prove their interest in the impacted field by doing well in their prerequisites.


Gorgeous photo shoot thanks to Professor Glenn (also starring special guest photobomber)

We briefly talked about things we like to do outside of school, and found we do practically the same things. Despite wanting to do new “interesting” things with our weekend lives – a feeling I’ve found many classmates share – most of our time was consumed with either homework, television, or spending time with our boyfriends. Valerie also described working at Lowes and loving playing rugby, which I thought were both unexpected and interesting things. We even had a moment of geeking out about Dr. Who and the actors we loved the most (though she had to explain to me quite a few times the actors names and who was who – slight pun intended).

It was great talking to Valerie the other week. She was incredibly easy to talk to and seemed a truly unique, cool person. We laughed quite a bit (especially from Professor Glenn taking our picture from dozens of weird angles and the sleuthy photo-bomber who jumped in the shots). I wish Valerie luck with her new major and hopefully I’ll see her around the galleries.

If you’d like to talk to or learn more about Valerie, visit her blog at https://valarredondo.wordpress.com


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