Price Line Analysis

Fashion Projects

The next Ready to Wear project slightly resembled the Quality Analysis assignment, but went a bit more in depth, looking at entire price segments within a single brand’s collections. For this, we picked a fairly established yet not very well known brand, Marni.

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Analyzing the garments in the store was a slightly overwhelming experience – I felt like a kid in an overpriced candy store. The staff were also surprisingly patient with me, despite the couple hours I spent taking notes and pictures and moving things back and forth. Analyzing each garment made me truly appreciate the craftsmanship that went in to each piece, and no matter the price level, the garments seemed immaculate. The brand had previously collaborated with H&M for a more moderately priced collection, so we planned to incorporate that offshoot into our findings. However, we found this difficult without physical garments to analyze, so we decided to stick within the main line. Marni does carry only one real line (unlike some companies with secondary brands at different price levels), but the garments  widely vary in price, which is why we deemed the brand still suitable for the project. Their price-splitting strategy seems a great way to address various age groups within their high fashion target market; not only can the refined and wealthier generation partake in their line, but the up and coming younger market can have their share of the brand as well for a slightly smaller price. Though I had only previously glanced at the store walking through South Coast Plaza (and been a bit too afraid to go into such a high end shop), I truly loved their aesthetic and the feel of their garments. Everything was so avant garde, something typically unseen at lower price levels, and it was somehow incredibly intriguing. The futuristic displays, cocoon silhouettes, and minimalistic yet lively patterns gave the brand an unearthly, magical vibe that  carried throughout the garments, store, website, and even runway looks I found online. And with such friendly and helpful staff, who even offered me booklets about the garments’ make-up and designs, I found myself wanting to live in the world of Marni forever (which is probably why I thought of them for the next assignment in my Intro Fashion class not long after…)

If you would like to see some of their latest collection or learn even more about the brand, visit


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