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Before researching into the topic for my Intro Textiles class, I had never previously heard of textiles made from soybeans, much less even thought they were possible.

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Since then, through both my textile and fashion ethics classes, I’ve learned even more about sustainable materials and their formation. With such overproduction and consumption occurring in the fashion industry today, it’s encouraging to see people making strides to reducing the negative impacts created in the process. Advances in technology have allowed us to create textiles not only from soybeans, but also from things like recycled fibers, slightly less damaging synthetic fibers such as lyocell (the equivalent of rayon made without continuously dumping the chemical baths required), and other almost unbelievable materials as coffee grounds and milk proteins. Though currently many of these fibers are still being developed or are for the most part unknown, these advancements are slowly gaining foothold as awareness grows. Perhaps in the next few years this ‘trend’ of sustainability will become a much more permanent part of our culture and the industry it has grown. With clothing now being made of soybeans – an idea virtually unthinkable even decades ago – it seems this dream of an eco-friendly future may not actually be all that far fetched.


2 thoughts on “Soybean Textiles

    1. There are actually quite a few places online! I haven’t found it much in popular brick and mortar stores since it is a fairly new idea, but hopefully in the next few years more brands will adopt it and switch some of their cotton products to be soysilk (uses MUCH less water/chemicals)
      In the mean time here’s a few pages that link to companies I thought were pretty good: (use their search bar to find more soy products)
      I suggest doing some basic Google searching to find exactly what you’re looking for but at least now you have somewhere to start
      Soy is also really popular in undergarments and baby clothing too since it’s so soft and absorbent, so if your entire family wants to try a tiny piece of soy clothing those might be good options too!*soy* (baby clothes) (underwears)
      Hope that helped a bit! Let me know if you find any other awesome stores that carry soy; I’d love to help get the word out about them

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