Ready to Wear Reference Book

Fashion Projects

Another major project for my Ready to Wear class was a compilation of different aspects of clothing we studied throughout the semester.

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For each three page set I used a different designer (the names of which are listed on the slide pages), and within each page I attempted to use pictures from the same collections to keep the look cohesive. This proved difficult, especially with some of the newer, at times less publicized, designers. But despite the challenges, this “reference book” was incredibly fun to create and encouraged me to delve deep into the collections of designers I barely knew. Some designers I expected to hate because of hype and over-commercialization, but they surprisingly ended up having aesthetics and pieces I absolutely adored throughout their many seasons of work. Beyond this project being, obviously, a class assignment, it turned into a fun challenge and way to open myself up to the designing world I had apparently only glanced at before. And hopefully the things I learned about garments and designers through creating this guide will help me in my future career within the industry.

Also, I’d like to note almost all of the pictures came from Vogue’s online (nearly endless) fashion show archives. They’re a great source for photos from nearly every season (we’re talking decades back) of even some smaller brands. So, if you ever need runway pictures and magazines just aren’t doing it for you, check it out and look around, you’d be amazed at what you’ll find.

Try going to :


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