Quality Analysis of Leather Jackets Presentation

Fashion Projects

In my Ready to Wear class last semester, one group project involved inspecting and comparing three similar garments from different price points. Through our comparisons we were also able to determine which jacket was the best purchase decision based on the correlation of quality and price. The piece I analyzed was a jacket from Acne at the designer price level.

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Not only did I feel incredibly lucky to even have the opportunity to touch a designer garment (especially from Acne, a brand I love probably more than life itself), I was astonished by the immense amount of craftsmanship that went into such a piece. Where most clothing within my price level is somewhat thrown together (and therefore falls apart nearly as easily), this was meticulously lined and stitched to give the perfect amount of design, weight, and structure while still allowing comfort and movement. Comparing the different jackets also opened my eyes to the disconnect that sometimes occurs with such high end garments; designs now seem to be specifically made so expensive and exclusive they act as a symbol of wealth rather than a statement of fashion. Though I personally love the brand and the jacket I examined was exceptionally beautiful (it even smelled and felt beautiful), I believe the price point might have been lower if not for the brand name itself. While the fabric, lining, and many decorative (yet still functional) findings were, of course, high quality and fit very well with the aesthetic of Acne’s target customer, the bridge jacket from Allsaints contained similar details of similar quality for less than half the price. So if you plan to go shopping for high end leather jackets anytime soon, do some research first. You may find the jacket you’re craving for its exceptional brand name may actually not be worth entirely breaking your bank for (though I still do aim to own an Acne piece one day – maybe after I win the lottery…)

If you would like to cry over Acne’s latest collections with me, visit http://www.acnestudios.com


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