Week 9 Classmate Interview : Janelle Reyes and Matthew Cruz

Art 110

This week I met both Janelle and Matthew (whose conversation I somewhat interrupted) and we had a great time talking and getting to know one another.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset   zack-kim

Janelle and Matt

When I joined their conversation, they were already talking about being from northern California – Janelle from a tiny town called Sunnyville close to San Jose and Matt from a spot near San Francisco. Janelle said her town was actually named after the town in the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which we both thought was pretty funny considering most places aren’t even as new as most tv shows, much less named after them.

Janelle said she had just switched out of Pre-Nursing, since the classes involved were too much. We all agreed colleges seem to make students take classes that don’t seem to have all that much to do with their major quite often, and we wished that could change. Janelle said she was hoping to change her major to Chemistry or Health Care Administration, since she really loved science and helping people. Matt said he’s a senior in Engineering, and will hopefully graduate after this semester. He explained that his first few years of college he was undeclared and spent most of his time with friends and much less time worrying about school, though through the years he’s become much more focused on getting his degree. He joked that some of his friends had been Pre-Nursing majors like Janelle and he’d rarely ever seen them doing anything but studying.

Afterward, we talked about art for a bit. Neither Janelle nor Matt seemed to be very into doing art themselves, outside of their experience with music – Janelle’s experience with guitar and Matt’s with saxophone in high school. But Matt said it was really great getting to see so much art and meet the artists each week, and we all agreed it gave us an opportunity we might otherwise miss out on.

We talked for a bit about the things we like to do and realized we all wished we had more time to do more exciting things. We all basically had the same weekly layout – working, exercising, school, being with friends – but we wanted to be able to do more interesting things. Matt even said he wanted to get some new hobbies to be “datable”, which we all thought was pretty funny.

Overall, it was great talking to Janelle and Matthew this week (hopefully they didn’t mind my intruding too much). I wish them all the best with school and their quest for new interesting things to do and hopefully I’ll see them around class. If you would like to talk to either of them, visit their blogs :

Janelle Reyes : https://janellereyess.wordpress.com

Matthew Cruz : https://corgifeet.wordpress.com


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