Week 8 Classmate Interview : Jessa Camago

Art 110

IMG_2821This week I had a great time meeting Jessa, a first year like me, but majoring in Accounting. She said her major choice came from her love of math; she even took two years of calculus in high school. She said accounting was very different from the calculus classes she had enjoyed so much, but seemed relatively happy with her major nonetheless. She’s currently dorming in Hillside since her home is further north in Lancaster, California. We joked about the dining halls and how we both loved and hated having so much food available all the time (especially the waffles), even though it gets repetitive at times.

She told me she loves playing tennis, and though she used to play club here at CSULB, she decided she didn’t want to have to pay the club fees, so now she plays mostly for fun. Jessa said she’s glad she can still sit in and play with the old team and we agreed it was a great way to save money and still do what she loves.

She also enjoys doing artsy things like doodling and many of her friends and clubs end up having her do posters for them (which she said was going to be her ticket to some free Boba on Thursday). We joked that it’s nice being somewhat artistic since it gives you a way to be involved and help out, though we agreed it can be slightly time consuming. For this week’s project Jessa said she was planning to do some photo editing since she had experience with it in the past.

Overall I had a great time talking to Jessa. She was incredibly nice and seemed like a fun person to hang out with. We even went to the galleries together and had weird juice. I wish her all the best in her crazy accounting classes and with all her group posters, and hopefully we’ll see each other around in class.

If you would like to talk to Jessa or learn more about her, check out her blog at https://jessacamago.wordpress.com


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