Week 8 Artist Interview : Brian Davis and Maccabee Shelley

Art 110

This week I had an awesome time experiencing Brian’s show and even got to talk to Maccabee again from our first week’s gallery show. Maccabee was stationed at a table covered in wires and a repurposed typewriter and cigar box. These were made into a magical-seeming Geomancy device, which Maccabee described as a thousand year old way of telling the future through the vibrations in the earth. The inspiration for creating this device actually came from an Art 110 student’s post, describing how certain stones were used in making the devices and suggesting Maccabee might be able to use pieces of his glasswork instead. He said he attempted making one because he likes to challenge himself. He said he likes it when things are surprising or unpredictable because it makes them more fun. He also said when you don’t understand everything that’s happening you get results that open up your mind more.


Maccabee said he loved being a part of Bryan’s show partially because he was his friend and roommate, but also because the experience was truly great. He said that even in shows like his where you view the works and they’re stationary, the memory is what stays in your mind even after the show is over. So, despite the slight craziness of the gallery, the experience and memories it offered people would stay on even after each action and new thing had passed. This seemed to somehow make the entire show make more sense. Instead of creating a sculpture or painting, it was creating a picture in people’s minds that would last much longer than most physical works could hope to. Maccabee also said he loves being part of the show because it’s helping to change the idea of what art is. To him, “art is expression and whatever language you use to articulate it is a good language”, whether that be paint, ceramics, electronics, performance, or anything in between, and Brian’s show was truly helping to break through the boundaries of what people think of as art.


After talking to Maccabee and wandering around the exhibit for a while, I ended up talking to Brian and waiting for some juice. I found that the exhibit was somewhat of a micro version of the artist hostile he wanted to create in the near future. The juicing instillation idea came about because juicing had so strongly impacted his life and he wanted to share it with others. He said it gave him so much more energy and helped him change his life, and now he even eats mostly organic. The huge table in the back corner was full of fruits and vegetables that Brian seemed to randomly throw into his juicer, yet he said there was a slight method to the madness. I actually tried some of the weird orangey green juice he was passing out and though it was a bit out there, it did make me feel “cleansed” and healthy and I ended up actually liking it. I feel like through the exhibition, Brian was showing his true love of helping others, and it seemed like his artist hostile idea would be an amazing addition to the art world.


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