Week 7 Activity : Portrait Photography/Landscapes With a Corpse

Art 110

For this weeks activity, we were challenged to imagine our own death and then capture it with photography. Brainstorming with Hector and the father produced ideas like having my dog eat me, digging myself a grave at the beach, and even hanging myself (I guess they’ve thought out ways to get rid of me? lol)

But my first idea had been to lay in a bed of flowers because I feel that would be a somewhat peaceful way to go (other than just laying in bed but that seemed slightly more boring). Somehow my dad came up with a similar idea and so we all went in the backyard to “create the scene”. Though we did not have a beautiful bed of clovers or anything, my dad saw the jasmine flowers spilling over our wall from the neighbor’s house and in nearly no time had a jumbled bouquet cut down and ready to be placed around me. After somewhat uncomfortably laying on the ground, my dad tried placing flowers to look as if they had grown over me. Then Hector, with instructions to “take pictures from a bunch of weird angles” and my camera in hand, began flying around me and making funny camera noises. Though it didn’t end up looking exactly as I had imagined (and half of the time I was laughing or squinting at the sun), the pictures turned out surprisingly well. A few of them were slightly blurry or had my dog running around in the background, but some actually looked a bit like I was dead (some even freaked out Hector a bit).

So anyway, here they are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While the project seemed weird at first, after getting other people involved it turned out to be pretty fun. They may not be the best pictures ever and I am definitely not the best model ever, but the experience was great and now I can add “faking my death” to the list of things I probably never would have done without Art110 giving me the excuse to actually do them.


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