Week 7 Classmate Interview : Lahya Woodruff

Art 110

cropped-20150101_142641This week I had the pleasure of meeting Lahya, a second year Pre Human Development Major here at CSULB. She said she hopes to become a teacher, but in the mean time loves the experience she has working at the YMCA with first graders.

We talked about the school for a bit; Lahya really loved Cal State Long Beach. She said it was actually her first choice out of all the Cal States because it’s local and has a great reputation. She said although she was born in Detroit, Michigan, she spent most of her life in California so the transition to Long Beach wasn’t too drastic.

We talked about our hobbies and other favorite things for a bit and found we both love working out, eating, and plan to travel in the future. It’s funny how nearly every student I’ve ‘interviewed’ so far has mentioned wanting to travel. Maybe it’s the appeal of being somewhere entirely new, getting to experience entirely new things, or maybe it’s the appeal of absorbing new cultures and gaining knowledge from the world. But no matter what it is that draws us to the idea of traveling, Lahya and I at least shared the same longing to explore. She mentioned she also loves being outdoors and we talked about the slightly crazy yet still intriguing idea of backpacking through the world. Some of her other favorite things were the color green, hot wings, animals, and the artist jcole and Miguel.

Overall, it was great talking to Lahya and despite our slightly different backgrounds and majors, we got along really well and found we had a lot in common. She seemed like an incredibly nice, outgoing girl and I wish her all the best in her career as a teacher. And who knows, maybe someday we’ll see each other on some hiking trail half way around the world.

To find out more about Lahya or contact her, visit her blog at https://lahyawood.wordpress.com


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