Week 6 Classmate Interviews : Jerrell Howell and Keyshon Taylor

Art 110

This week, I actually ended up talking to two different classmates, Jerrell Howell and Keyshon Taylor, who both had very interesting views and were great to talk to.


Jerrell Howell posing in his car

This is Jerrell’s second year at CSULB and he is currently majoring in Health Care Administration. He said he doesn’t really love his major so far and doesn’t know what he wants to do for a career just yet, which I thought was more than normal considering we were both still in our first few years and people change their minds all the time. He said he is the youngest of three siblings and the first to go to college, which i thought was impressive. When he’s not in school, Jerrell said he loves to hang out with friends, play basketball, and listen to music. We both talked about wanting to travel, and he said he plans to in the next few years so he can gain knowledge from the many different places he goes to. Jerrell works at Sephora, which seemed somewhat strange at first because he didn’t seem like the ‘makeup professional’ type of guy. But he said he actually likes working there because it’s so different from what he’s used to and he’s learned a lot about makeup since starting there. He said he likes to try new things and face new challenges, especially when there’s money involved. But, he’s not only into the money for himself; he wants to use it to help pay for his parents to have a better life. He said above all, he always wants the best for his family. From talking to Jerrell, I realized he was a pretty cool guy. Not only was he very ambitious, he seemed like he truly cared about the people in his life and wanted to help them get “to the next level”. I wish him all the best in figuring out his major and career paths and I hope his life comes together exactly how he envisions it. If you would like to find out more about Jerrell or contact him, visit his blog at https://jerrellhowell22.wordpress.com IMG_2483

Keyshon Taylor “wearing” the hat from the wood work show

For the most part, Keyshon and I just ended up chatting about the art and random life things. We both laughed that we even kept forgetting to take notes because we were just having fun talking. However, he did share some things about himself that I found very interesting. Like me, this is also Keyshon’s first year of college. He said he was from Los Angeles (which I was incredibly jealous of) and he seemed to have a bit of a hard time adjusting to all the different areas around Long Beach, especially with so many random street and city names in such close proximity. Despite these slight troubles, he seemed to actually like the area and the school and said he was studying Business Management. We both noticed how so many people seem to be going for degrees in Business now, and thought maybe it was because it was so general and could be applied to so many future careers. In an age where college degrees are becoming a requirement, fields like this seem to truly be exploding as more and more people are having to decide what they want to do for their careers with only the experience of high school. Like Jerrell, Keyshon also seemed slightly unsure whether or not he wanted to continue with his major, but classes like Art 110 were slightly helping him figure out what he really wanted to do with his life, or at least the general direction he wanted to go in. After, we talked about Art 110 and art in general for a while. He said he didn’t feel very artistic, and thought art was usually too complicated and easily confusing with so many weird layers of meaning assigned to things. But, he did like doodling because it made him feel like a kid again. Making a thing where once there was nothing was not only fun and exciting, but when it was done, he said there was a sense of accomplishment from actually making it. And, although “not artistic”, he did say he really liked strange hats (which is maybe why he loved the wood exhibit so much with the strange ‘floating’ wooden hat in the corner). I guess everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, even if not through painting or sculpture, then through tiny doodles and assortments of crazy hats. Overall,  it was great talking to Keyshon. He seemed truly interested in learning about new things, especially about art from the galleries. It was truly inspiring seeing someone seem so genuinely interested about something so different from what they usually do. I feel like college is the perfect time to pursue thing like this that truly interest us; even if we have no experience with something or don’t know where it may take us, the opportunity to explore our possibilities should not go ignored. I hope school continues to go well for Keyshon and that he can find a great home in Cal State Long Beach. And who knows, maybe he’ll even find that home in the wood working department on campus and make some even crazier wooden hats. If you would like to talk to or learn more about Keyshon Taylor, visit his blog at https://kgtblogs.wordpress.com


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