Week 4 Classmate Interview : Kelsey Lewis

Art 110

IMG_1985This week I had the pleasure of meeting Kelsey Lewis. She said she was a journalism major, but wanted to focus more on photo journalism as she loved photography – a fact I could at least guess from the nice camera she carried with her. She said she was horrified by the corruption of news today; most of what is put out to the public has been so altered by the few overarching large news companies, the result is either missing the point of the journalist’s original report or is so biased the world disregards it entirely. She hopes to someday be a part of a new system free of this corruption so the news may become less a jumble of lies and more a true portrait of reality. It is refreshing to meet someone who truly seems to care about their future career and is actually focused on changing the world, even small steps at a time.

We then talked about where we were from and our transitions to college. She said she was originally from Modesto in the Central Valley, which she said was slightly more “ghetto” then the dorms. She said it was nice now, getting to walk around the campus late at night without having to really worry; even describing the beauty of the trees and paths lit up seemed to relax her. She said she lived in the Los Alamitos dorms, which was nice but also slightly scary since the long hallways were full of so many new people.

We agreed meeting new people was incredibly uncomfortable, even as an assignment. We shared our uncomfortable social anxiety stories and how we both have been trying to expand our comfort zones. For this week’s assignment, she said she wanted to make a video of all the things she’d been doing lately that she would never have done before – long boarding in particular.

We ended up talking about the class for a bit and she mentioned being the one to make both the watercolor and scratched-face ID cards. She thought it was funny the professor looked so in depth to the faceless portrait, when really she had just gotten frustrated with drawing a face and decided to black it out. We laughed a bit at how often we look so deeply into things that might actually have meant nothing to their creator. But perhaps, this is the reason so many people look to art; it allows us to create our own meaning within an artist’s work so even if we do not see ourselves as artists, we may still create a small piece of ourselves in the things we see.

Overall, it was great meeting Kelsey last Thursday. Hopefully, with time, we can both come a little further out of our comfortable shells. And in the mean time, at least we both know we aren’t alone in feeling so incredibly awkward around people.

If you would like to talk to Kelsey or learn more about her, visit her blog at https://xkelseynicole.wordpress.com


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