Week 3 Classmate Interview : Cedric Vu

Art 110

Cedric VuLast Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Cedric Vu. We joked about the awkwardness of meeting new people as an assignment, but agreed it was a fairly good idea since in such a huge class it’s easy to never see the same people, much less talk to them. We talked about the galleries for a while and our small experiences with art in high school, most of which included doodling and painting for fun.

We found we shared the same strange feelings of newness toward being in college, as it was the first year for both of us. He said he was from Northern California, and although not an incredibly drastic move, it was still very different being half a state away from home. He seemed excited though, as he talked about the increased amount of things to do and the many opportunities Southern California seems to offer.

As he is a film major, it was easy to see why he was so excited. After all, Hollywood, the famous home of many films and movie stars, is relatively close by. He also mentioned that his dormmate shared his love of film – a major bonus – and that they were thinking about splitting rent on an apartment next semester and hopefully producing films together someday. He seemed incredibly excited by all the possibilities of his future, and we laughed about both wanting to do so many things with our future careers that we couldn’t decide where to start.

He mentioned he was trying to get himself out there in his field, and was even possibly going to be an extra on Glee. Even as a background role, it seemed incredibly exciting and a great way for him to get his name out in the world of film. We agreed on the importance of doing many things within our industries; you never know where a small opportunity may take you. He added that although he had wanted to go to Loyola Marymount school of film in LA, he was actually glad he had chosen Long Beach as it was much cheaper and the film department was actually incredibly impressive.
Overall, Cedric seemed like he was incredibly driven, and since he was also so easy to talk to and joke around with, I think his dreams of creating great films and getting himself out there are not far from becoming realities.
If you would like to talk to Cedric or see his work, visit his blog at https://cedricvu.wordpress.com


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