Week 3 Activity : Social Photography

Art 110

I usually don’t post things on Instagram for weeks, sometimes even months, so I was slightly anxious about actually posting throughout the day. I found myself trying to think, as many of us sadly do, of things to post that would make my life seem slightly less average and boring – rolling out of bed late and going to class doesn’t seem quite extraordinary enough to share. But, when the day actually came I ended up picking small things I was doing that were actually fairly typical of my weeks now: seeing art at the gallery, going to the gym, eating pizza with my boyfriend, and messing with his brother’s dog.

 IMG_1920 IMG_1919  IMG_1918  IMG_1917

My four pictures throughout the day

I was expecting my pictures to be slightly lame compared to others, but I found that many people’s posts consisted of many similar things, even if they were taken at much artsier angles or with more intense filters. I’ve known it for a while, but it’s still strange to think that the lives that seem so interesting through people’s postings are most likely just about as average and unextraordinary as my own. Most posts I saw either were selfies (sometimes with friends) or pictures of animals, food, or places the person went that day. It’s funny that we all pick the same interesting moments to share with others, even though those interesting moments are relatively typical of everyone.


Art, landscapes, selfies, pets, friends, food, and even feet were definitely popular things to post

It was fun to see what everyone else was doing throughout the day, even if it was just eating or making their dogs pose for them. I guess beyond the time-wasting side of social media, it does somewhat connect us. Not only does it show us what our friends, relatives, and idols are doing, it sometimes shows us we all do and like similar things, which makes us feel more connected to each other as a whole.


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