Week 2 Classmate Interview : Amber Luna

Art 110

amberlunaweek2This past thursday, I met Amber Luna, the Sociology major from the fairly close by city of Downey, California. We quickly talked about our names, as hers sounded to me like the name of a starchild jewelry store and mine with its strange spelling has dealt with its share of raised eyebrows. She said she actually hated her name as a child since people always made fun of her last name, saying “moon” instead of Luna, and she had even considered changing it. She went on to say she has recently begun accepting and even liking her name, and we joked about the strangeness of kids picking on each other. It is somewhat funny to see how such simple things as names can become such a point of embarrassment in childhood, only to become a statement of strength and true individuality as we, and those around us, mature. It is also interesting to see how, much like in art, those who do not understand something, even as eloquent as a name like “Amber Luna”, tend to try to dull it down and dirty it, bring it to their level and make the magic of its difference seem shameful rather than joyful. I guess as we age we learn to take back those beautiful, tiny pieces of ourselves we have lost along the way of growing up.
After, we spent some time talking about our experience at Long Beach. We joked about traffic around the school, how much goes on on campus, and how crazy juggling classes can be. I found it was not her first semester at the college nor first time in the class. She explained that life had gotten too hectic, as it often does, and she did not feel she had done her best so she was returning to embrace a second chance. She also mentioned enjoying the class the first time and being excited about the activities and experiences to come, especially now that she could focus on and enjoy them even more.
We briefly talked about her path to becoming a Sociology major and how difficult it is to match what you want to do with a means of living and making money. She mentioned her future career goal was to become a parol officer for adolescents, and with a major in Sociology and minor in Criminal Justice, it seemed she was on the perfect track to being able to understand both the system she would be working in and the people she would be trying to help.
We talked about growing up in SoCal and wanting to see new things. Soon we realized we shared the same aspiration to travel and be immersed in other cultures. Maybe it is the California mindset of adapting the new, or a product of living in the same place ones whole life, but the urge to get out there and absorb the world seemed to resonate with both of us. We both wished money was not such an issue; if only we had the money we could truly experience the world and never stop exploring. Until then perhaps the many facets of art and the many kinds of people we encounter through it may fulfill our need for new and interesting things.
If you want to know more about Amber Luna or see her page go to: https://delalunamber.wordpress.com


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