Week 1 Activity : Web Design

Art 110

Hello and welcome to my website. In our first week, we have been talking about how we each define art, culture, and technology and how they may relate to one another.

Art, to me, is a way of putting the thoughts or ideas a person has in their mind into the physical world. Yes, it typically is a way of the artist expressing his or herself, but beyond the emotional level it is more the creation of a real thing out of the more imaginary realm of thought.

Culture can refer to the the result of the environment and people influencing a person to make them who they are, or to the groups themselves who associate themselves together. Overall, it seems to be how people or groups identify themselves (either by race, social background, things they like, etc).  Culture typically seems to be centered on the past, reflecting on how the present state of a person or group of people came to be.

Technology to me refers to the tools we implement to make our lives easier (anything from a simple pencil to a smartphone). Yes, it does conjure images of space-aged flying cars and such, but more simply, we use it to help advance in our lives and use our time and energy more effectively. Perhaps technology is the more future-focused version of culture; these things we invent and create are seen as our ticket to propelling into a much more advanced future society.


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